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Civil Litigation

Some problems and disputes need help to reach resolution: some require a skilled and experienced negotiator; others need advocacy in formal dispute resolution processes, Many require both.  PLRR can help.


Our experienced litigators will help you understand and enforce your rights, and to engage the legal processes you need to do so.   We will help you identify and maximize opportunities for early and cost effective resolutions.  When need be, we will present your case with strength and conviction.


If you are dissatisfied with a court or judge’s decision, you may have a right to appeal.  PLRR can help determine what, if any, errors occurred as well as the potential risks, rewards, and procedures for a successful appeal.


PLRR’s lawyers have acted in all levels of courts and tribunals in Nova Scotia, as well as many federal courts and tribunals.  If you think you may have or need to defend a legal claim, its important to seek advice early. Your rights to pursue legal action or an appeal are usually time limited.  Don’t wait.

Contact Information

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Fax: 902-543-3196

Michael K. Power, Q.C.

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